How to cut a walk list for precinct committeemen

 1. Go to your NationBuilder dashboard.


2. Go to the People tab, and open the filter search functionality. 


3. Type in Precinct, and press enter on your keyboard.


4. Begin entering the precincts that you would like to cut a walk list for.


5. Select the precinct(s) you would like to cut a walk list for. Then press Filter. 


6. Click the Actions button the top right. Then click Add all to list.


7. Name your list, then click Create list.


8. Click Save.


9. Then click on the blue hyperlink after you receive the notification that the list addition have been completed.


10. Then go to the Print sheets tab, then to Download sheet, then click Generate sheet.


11. Your sheet will then begin to generate. Refresh your webpage to see the status of the download.


12. Then click Download. 


13. If this what appears in your web browser after clicking download, you can click the arrow button at the top right of the page to continue downloading to your computer.


14. Proceed to name the file, and click save.

The file should then be available on your computer for you to print or email.